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Tijuana may be in a foreign country, but in a very real sense it’s a San Diego suburb.  Or maybe San Diego is a suburb of Tijuana!  Depends on your perspective.

Something like 100,000 people cross the border between Tijuana and San Diego every day.

Last January 2 my son and I spent a sunny, warm day in TJ, guided by our new friend, Omar Foglio, a Mexican documentary film producer and general creative guy. Omar and his team have created a fascinating film about the centuries-old pottery tradition in Mexico and the effort to get the artisans to replace their toxic lead-based glazes with lead-free ones.  The film’s English title is “Brilliant Soil.”

Omar told us that after a period of decline, the TJ music club scene is coming back, centered around the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Avenida Revolución.  Here’s my photo of one of Sixth Avenue’s gritty but colorful little clubs (click to enlarge and see interesting detail):


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